Acrylic Nails Vs Gel

Acrylic Nails Vs Gel. In terms of smell, gel nails are more favorable as they are odorless compared to the strong chemical scent of acrylic nails. Gel Nails vs Acrylics: Battle of the Manicures.

While acrylic nails are more strong and durable than gel nails, gel can actually be used to strengthen the natural nail and helps protect it as it grows. If you've ever sought a manicure that lasts longer than regular nail polish, you've likely been faced with the gel nails vs. acrylic nails debate. How to make the right choice between Acrylic nails vs gel nails?

Both can match the shape of your nail, or extend it.

We are here to guide you to the right gateway of nail design world.

Suzie creates the popular Milk Bath Nails using Acrylic for one nail, and Gel for another. Acrylic and gel nails are the flawless solution to chip-free, freshly polished nails that last for weeks on weeks. Many complained about having 'wrecked' nails as a result of using acrylic nails, and gel nails too in a few cases - with one woman saying that after ten months of weekly manicures, her nails are only just returning to normal!

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